The Testing Process

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Once the inventory was complete, the testing phase could begin. To alleviate any potential overload on the WSCL, the WI DOJ has contracted with Bode Cellmark Forensics (Bode), Sorenson Forensics (Sorenson), and Marshall University Forensics Science Center, to test the SAKs. Some SAKs will still be tested at the WSCL. Bode and Sorenson are two of the very few private, accredited labs in the country capable of testing this volume of SAKs. And with over 30 SAKI sites across the country looking to test kits, the private labs have been inundated with requests for assistance. To help manage the workload, Bode has instructed the WI DOJ to submit 200 SAKs per month.

 WSCL issues a report to the submitting agency and uploads eligible profiles into CODIS.

If and when foreign DNA is found in a SAK or a perpetrator is identified through the FBI’s DNA database, CODIS, local law enforcement will be notified. As part of the WI DOJ BJA grant, a team of experienced professional prosecutors, investigators and victim service specialists have been assembled to offer support and assistance to their local counterparts if needed and requested. Additional funds were also secured through BJA to subgrant to local programs around the state, providing additional resources to local sexual assault service providers.

For additional information on the testing process, please visit the data and results page.