Foreign DNA Profile Not Eligible For Upload to CODIS

In this scenario, a foreign DNA profile was obtained from the DNA testing of the sexual assault kit (SAK) but the profile did not meet the FBI's eligibility criteria and could not be uploaded into the FBI's Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

The FBI requires a foreign DNA profile to meet multiple critera before it can be uploaded to CODIS. Some reasons why a profile would be ineligible for upload to CODIS are:

  • The foreign DNA profile is attributed to a consensual partner.
  • The foreign DNA profile is a complex mixture (more than 2 people detected in the DNA).
  • The foreign DNA profile is partial, meaning only limited amounts of DNA was detected.

When a foreign DNA profile is obtained but is not eligible for upload to CODIS, the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory (WSCL) notifies the submitting agency and law enforcement on the WiSAKI team at the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ).

Local and state multi-disciplinary teams (which may include prosecutors, law enforcement, and victim advocates) may work together to review the case for possible investigative work and survivor notification. For example, further investigation or review of the case may find other evidence is available for testing.

The teams may also consider notifying the victim of the testing results. To learn more about survivor notification, click here.