Below is an ineractive dashboard displaying prosecutions related to the WiSAKI project and their current court status.

Last updated 4/7/2021.

Data Notes: One case may have multiple charges, and each charge may have a different disposition. The number of cases with a guilty verdict represents cases in which at least one of the charges, but not necessarily all of the charges, had a guilty verdict.



Charge Disposition: The final decision on this charge.

Amended to New Charge: This charge was amended to a new charge.

Dismissed on Prosecutor’s Motion: The prosecutor moved the court to dismiss this charge and the court agreed.

Found Guilty at Trial: The defendant was convicted at trial.

Found Not Guilty at Trial: The defendant was acquitted at trial.

Guilty Due to Guilty/No Contest Plea: The defendant pled guilty or did not contest this charge.

Pending: There has not yet been a final determination on this charge.