Testing Results

The second step in the WiSAKI project was to complete DNA testing on the previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits (SAKs) that meet the WiSAKI project's testing criteria. The following is a representation of the SAKs that have testing completed and have had the results confirmed by the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory (WSCL). The map is colored by the percent of SAKs by county that have identified DNA foreign to the victim through the testing process; the darker the color, the higher the percent of SAKs with foreign DNA. By hovering the cursor over a county you can view more detailed information about the number of SAKs tested for that county and the testing results. 

For more information on the testing process, click here. As a result of the WiSAKI project's unique victim-centered approach, not all of the previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits (SAKs) are currently designated to be tested. The kits designated for testing may change over the course of the project. For a more detailed account of how these determinations were made, please see the Inventory Methodology Overview

Data Notes: Below are further details on how to interpret the testing results. Counties that did not have any SAKs designated for testing, do not display any information.

*As the testing process continues and more SAKs are tested and the results verified, these counts and percentages will change (lasted updated 4/7/2021).



Testing Designation

SAKs currently designated for testing: These SAKs are set to be tested by the WiSAKI project.

SAKs not currently designated for testing: The WiSAKI project's victim centered approach has meant there are certain circumstances in which the SAKs are not currently designated for testing. To learn more about those reasons and the breakdown click here.

Testing Results

SAKs with confirmed testing results: The WSCL must technically review all of the testing results from the external lab(s) before the results can be confirmed. Click here to learn more about the SAK testing process. 

% of SAKs with confirmed testing results: Out of the total number of SAKs designated for testing, this is the percentage with confirmed testing results as of the date the data was last updated.


The DNA testing results will put a SAK in one of two categories: SAKs with foreign DNA identified or SAKs with no foreign DNA identified.

SAKs with foreign DNA identified: DNA testing of the SAK identified DNA that was not from the victim.

SAKs with no foreign DNA identified: DNA testing of the SAK either identified no DNA or only DNA from the victim.

% of SAKs with foreign DNA identified: Out of the total number of SAKs with confirmed testing results, this is the percentage where DNA testing identified DNA that was not from the victim.


Click here to see a project overview including the numbers from the inventory through testing and CODIS hits.